Screen Play / Radio Drama in Super Stereo Written By Pastor Dirk from TruLight Ministries

Produced and Directed including Sound Engineering By Daniel Light

Play Based on the Gospel of Nicodemus Book 1

This Play the 1st of its Kind . All 16 Voice Actors are Ai (Computer Generated Voice overs)

A Link between the Old and New Testament . What happened in the spiritual realm during the 3 Hours of Darkness on Earth after the Death of Jesus on the Cross and the 3 Days and Nights Events leading the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Gospel according to Matthew Chapter 26-27-28 and The Gospel of John Chapter 3

Bible Verse Reverence in the Play 1 Corinthians 15: 55-57, Psalm 24.7-9 and Isaiah 3,26.

The Ending Song – I will Enter – Written by Pastor Dirk , Composed and performed By Ettiene Lane Productions.


Background Music

  • Egyptian & Middle Eastern – The Legend of Narmer by WombatNoisesAudio
  • Free Dramatic – EMW
  • ‘Freedom’ by Scott Buckley
  • Good Day To Die – by MiguelJohnson
  • Middle East Background by Alexi Action
  • Battle Military Music – The Constellation by Hayden Folker